Like others before me, I have also made an attempt at determining how a tank's statistics generate the points given for that tank in the GALE FORCE 9 TANKS game.

After many variations, the "formula" that I have determined has an overall average difference between the "official" points and the "formula" points of just 0.05 points for the twenty tank types from the Starter Box. That's very encouraging - it at least shows that the "formula" is, on average at least, in the ballpark.

To state the obvious, "cracking the code" is not easy. It certainly appears that there have been a number of arbitrary decisions made by the designers as to what the "official" values are, particularly when it comes to the Initiative Value.

Please remember that the "formula" I have determined is not exact - but it is tantalisingly close.

Therefore, any thoughts and comments on how to improve its accuracy are welcome.

The current "formula" and how I arrived at it can be downloaded:  download this file here 

The document's appendix contains a list of many other tanks and vehicles and their "formula" costs.

Here are some ideas on how to use other terrain types such as hills, creeks, etc: download this file here