Welcome to the world of MINI-NAP 2

MINI-NAP 2 are a set of table-top wargame rules specifically designed for playing a reasonably quick corps sized Napoleonic wargame using the 6 mm scale.

They grew out of my desire for a set of rules that would allow two players to play a traditional style, historically based corps sized game (of around 35 to 50 units on each side) but one that would allow such a reasonably large game as this to be played and finished within about four hours (which they do). 



Under the MINI-NAP 2 rules, the basic force normally fielded is a Corps consisting of several Divisions. Unlike many other wargames systems, there is no points system involved in MINI-NAP 2. Players are encouraged to use an actual historical corps (and historical corps structures).

That means you will need to do some research. As a guide, the Orders of Battle below give some general details on how many of the various nationalities involved in this period arranged their Corps (and also the Infantry Brigades, Cavalry Brigades, Mixed Brigades, Reserve Brigades and Reserve Artillery of the Divisions therein) and they also include how to rate units. Brigades are important within the game system.




Individual units (battalions, regiments and batteries) manoeuvre, fire, fight hand-to-hand combat, etc, during the course of the game but Brigade and division organisation is important. 

Remember, according to God's Word (Exodus 20:15) "Thou shalt not steal.". The rules, etc, are provided to you for free and for personal use only.

Contact me if you have any problems or suggestions.



For the Mini-Nap 2 rules:  Download here

Appendix A - The Terrain Guidelines:  Download here

Appendix B - The Overhead Fire Guidelines:  Download here

Appendix C - The Engineering Guidelines: Download here

Appendix D - The Weather Guidelines:  Download here

Appendix E - The Multi-Corps Guidelines: Download here


Consider: "War does not determine who is right ... only who is left"

The Mini-Nap Corps Lists and Napoleonic Orders of Battle:

The All Important Orders of Battle Introduction: Download here

The Battle of Alcaniz: Download here

The Battle od Aspern-Essling: Download here 

The Battle of Austerlitz: Download here

The Battle of Barrosa: Download here

The Battle of Borindo at Utitza: Download here

The Battle of Casa de Salinas: Download here 

The Battle of Eckmuhl: Download here

The Battle of Friedland: Download here 

The Battle of Koge: Download here 

The Battle of Maria: Download here  

The Battle of Medina de Rio: Download here  

The Battle of Quatre Bras: Download here  

The Battle of Raab: Download here  

The Battle of Raszyn: Download here  

The Battle of Saguntum: Download here  

The Battle of Wagram: Download here 

The Battle of Waterloo: Download here  

The Confederation of the Rhine: Not yet complete

Miscellaneous Orders of Battle: Download here

Regulation Orders of Battle: Download here