The Queen Of The Seas Pre-Dreadnought Rules

Something that I have noticed over the years is that the writers of naval wargame rulesets seem to have the need to incorporate every tiny, little detail that they can possibly think of into their rules, and I have found this to be especially true for this period (from about 1890 to about 1920).

When one looks at existing rulesets for this period, one usually finds movement rules that are overly detailed, firing procedures that are always complicated and time consuming, and as for the procedures for how and where damage is to be applied to a ship...

This may be all well and good for very small actions, or if you have lots of time, or if you love lots of charts and bookkeeping, but such rulesets with their inclination for every minute detail I find somewhat tedious and frustrating, especially when playing larger actions.

Therefore, when starting out to develop these rules, I decided to see if a less detailed approach could possibly work, and this ruleset is the result. In them you will find that movement, firing and damage determination can all be done reasonably quickly, thus allowing large actions to be played in a reasonable amount of time, and with a minimum amount of bookkeeping.

So, if you are curious to see how I have approached the subject of naval wargaming for this period, then  DOWNLOAD THEM HERE

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